Aimee Thayer-Garcia

Coaching Experience


United States Soccer Federation “E” License

Current Teams

Assistant Coach of SCCYSC Jaws 09 Blue

Past Experience

2013- Present: Coached with Santa Cruz City Youth Soccer Club


Coaching Philosophy

My areas of focus are centered around team growth and harmony, individual player development, and managing expectations for both players and their families. As a coach of younger players in the developmental phase, I think it’s important to instill values such as commitment and a strong work ethic at this young age. Skill can present itself in many ways in a player, be it a natural ability or learned.  Without a solid working foundation of positive core values in a player, skill can easily be wasted. I am looking for commitment to be present and clear demonstration of individual effort.

Players come first. It’s important that players want to come back year after year.  I strive to create a positive and safe environment where players can develop, mature, and learn through trial and error. It takes time for players to learn how to play as a team. If there’s an ever-evolving roster, a team will be much more challenged in developing a level of harmony and trust that’s required for a successful competitive team. It’s important to create a balance between developing the team and also developing individual player skills.

I believe we are teaching players more than just how to play competitive soccer. Through soccer we can teach them life skills such as accountability, time management, commitment, empathy and humility.