Frequently Asked Questions


Recreational Youth Soccer

1. What does the season look like?  
The twelve-week season begins with practices at the end of August or first week of September. Teams typically practice two days per week at a time chosen by the coach. Teams play ten games on Saturdays, beginning the weekend after Labor Day. With registration, each player receives a uniform, which includes a jersey, shorts and a pair of socks. Players provide their own shin guards and soccer cleats. Each player will receive a team and individual picture, taken on picture day.

2. Why can't we pick our practice site and times?
Your volunteer coach picks the site and time that fits their schedule best. Without him/her, you wouldn't have a team.

3.  Why do we have to register so early before the season actually starts?
Filling rosters, finding coaches, making schedules, and reserving fields all take lead time. In addition, many players elect to tryout for the competitive soccer teams.  Club-wide tryouts are usually held in March (for Fall season) and some teams hold their individual tryouts in January (for Spring season).

4. What is the youngest age a child must be in order to register?
Players must be 4 years old by July 31 to qualify for the U6 group. If a player turns 6 by July 31, they would play in the U8 group.

5. Which Fall 2015 age division should I register my child for?

U6: Players Born between August 1, 2009 - July 31, 2011

U8: Players Born between August 1, 2007 - July 31, 2009

U10: Players Born between August 1, 2005 - July 31, 2007

U12: Players born between August 1, 2003 - July 31, 2005

U14: Players born between August 1, 2001 - July 31, 2003

U18: Players born between August 1, 1997 - July 31, 2001

6. What equipment does my child need?
Each child needs soccer cleats, shin guards, soccer socks, a water bottle and soccer ball for practices. Soccer balls come in different sizes; #3 for U8, #4 for U10 and U12, #5 for U14 and up. Many sporting goods stores and others offer soccer supplies. Ask your coach if you have further questions.

7. Can I request a coach or team?
No, you may put the names of players on your registration form for carpooling purposes, but there is no guarantee made that a request will be fulfilled. If there are enough players to field two teams in an age group from a given school, the club will attempt to balance teams by age and experience of players.

8. Can I switch teams?
It is the league policy not to make changes in the rosters once the teams are created. The club tries its best to make balanced, neighborhood teams and cannot accommodate each family's busy schedule or requests.

9. What happens if my child does not get on a team?
This can happen rarely if the club has a lack of coaches. The parents of players which cannot be accommodated will be referred to other clubs that have room for more children. The parent can register with the other club and a refund will be issued from the Santa Cruz City YSC.

10. How can I volunteer to coach, help , or become part of the Santa Cruz City YSC?
Use your child's registration form to let the club know that you want to volunteer; there is a specific box to check for coach, assistant coach, team parent, and sponsor. The club always need volunteers, so please sign up to help. See the Recreational League page for more information on current needs. The club offers coaching clinics for new and returning coaches.  For details, see the Coaches page.  Questions about volunteering can be sent to the club's Volunteers Coordinator.

11. How do I sponsor a team?
By filling our online Sponsor a Team form, or by mailing in a printed form and check.  Only one sponsor per team, so let us know your intent early in order to reserve your child's team. The club also welcome sponsors who do not have children playing in the club!  See the Sponsors page for further details.

12. Is there financial aid available?

The club's goal is that no player will be turned away for lack of funds.  By filling out the online Sponsor a Player form at our Sponsors page you can help the club meet this goal.  For families in need, information is available at the Financial Aid page.

13. Where is the game schedule?

Game schedules are posted as they are finalized on the Recreational League  page.

14. How do I request a refund?

If you paid online you need to request a refund online, as well. If you did not register online and are asking for a refund, please contact our Club Registrar, Janet Doutre.

15. What else is there to know?

See the Parents page and read the Parent Handbook for further information on the club.


Competitive Youth Soccer

1. How do I volunteer to coach a competitive team? 

To volunteer as a competitive team coach please contact our team coordinator

 2. How does my child join a competitive team?

All competitive teams hold tryouts for the Fall season in March, and some teams that have vacancies for the Spring season hold theirs in January.  Please see the tryouts page for more details. Some teams will post openings in their roster after tryouts on the club news page.

3. Do we have to attend both tryout sessions? 

The club uses external paid evaluators to observe potential players during tryouts, so it is highly recommended that your child attends both sessions. 

4. What age group should my child try out for?

An age matrix will be posted on the tryouts page, along with the dates and location.  In general, the club has competitive teams that play in the Under-9 (U9) to U18 age groups.

5. Can my child "play up" into an older age group?

That would be up to the coaches of the age group you had in mind.  When tryouts are scheduled, register for the intended tryout, and a coordinator will follow-up with you.

6. Where is the home game schedule?

Home game schedules are posted as they are finalized on the Competitive Team  page.

7. How can I re-order items in my child's competitive team uniform?

You can re-order through the team's manager. The forms, including price guide, are available on the Competitive Team page.

8. What is the sock size chart for the competitive team uniform?

Size 1: shoe sizes 13-3, Size 2: shoe sizes 3.5-6, Size 3: shoe sizes 7-12.

9. What is the sock size chart for the competitive team uniform?

The coach list is posted before the start of the season on the Competitive Team page.


Santa Cruz City YSC Website

1. Does the club have a Twitter account? 

Yes, at 

2. Does the club have a Facebook page?

Yes.  The Facebook page is

3. Does the club have a Google+ page?

Yes.  The Google+ page is

3. How do I get in touch with the site administrator? 

By email, using our feedback form, or through Twitter. 

4. Does it matter if I 'Like' the club's social network page?

Yes, please. It makes it easier for us to reach the right people in Santa Cruz with news about registration, tryouts, training, soccer camps, and more.


Summer Camps

1. What is the Tax ID of the Santa Cruz City YSC?

The club is a 501(c)(3) organization and its tax ID is 77-0115699.