Comp Team Practice T-shirts and Sweatshirt Order Forms

Time to place your orders for practice T-shirts and hoodies with Sports Design in Santa Cruz.

Please fill out order forms and submit to Heather by July 23rd to get group discount on printing, and decreased set up fees.   Make sure your team name, age, and a contact number are on the form. 

Please note that Bella t-shirts are a more feminine fit and sizing, and Hanes are more boxy, masculine fit and sizing.  Teams can not mix and match colors of t-shirts. You have to pick one color for the entire group unless you are ordering two different sets.  

There are two hoody versions, all navy colored, zippered with the logo on the back, and standard logo on the front with name and number, or only name or only number on the back. 

Dennis, will call you when you're orders are ready and payment will be at pick up.